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Luxurious body waxing & brow experts
Luxurious body waxing & brow experts

About Us

Feel great and more confident with smooth and hair free skin. Treat yourself to a hot or warm wax session at LuxWax and you will be amazed at the results.

LuxWax offers complete luxurious body waxing for men and women that is designed to make your waxing treatments easier and virtually pain free with superb results guaranteed.

We offer a luxurious and exclusive range of hot and warm waxes from world leading brands Italwax and Lycon.

We provide the highest levels of hygiene throughout all of our treatments.

You can be confident that:

  1. We never double dip the spatula.
  2. No cotton towels are used on the bed.
  3. A clean and sterilised environment.
  4. We wear gloves at all times throughout the session.

We have been trained by Kim Lawless and Lycon who are leading and recognised authorities in waxing.

You can feel confident that we are using the best, carefully selected products on your skin whilst removing ALL of your unwanted hair quickly and effectively.  The hot and warm wax we use is designed to stick only to the body hair and not to the skin which helps protect the skin and make the hair removal more painless.

about the waxes we use
About Italwax
An Italian wax brand of the highest quality these classic hot and warm waxes contain naturally occurring oxidices, beeswax, which helps the wax to set and make it more flexible. Italwax grips the hair right at the root for effective hair removal and works at low temperatures. It is also gentle on the skin and is ideal for sensitive skin or coarse hair.
Italwax Waxes

Italwax Rose Hot Wax

Natural based hot wax that doesn't contain colorants, fragrances or chemicals and is designed to shrink wraps around hairs. It is soft, flexible and effective. Ideal for sensitive skin and areas. The hair and root is removed without tugging on the skin.

Italwax Azulene Hot wax

Natural based hot wax that doesn't contain colorants, fragrances or chemicals and is designed to shrink wraps around hairs, very skin friendly, accurately follows the curves and is perfect for coarse hairs. The hair and root is removed without tugging on the skin.

Italwax Warm Waxes

Warm waxes are applied as a thin layer and are ideal for larger parts of the body. After the wax has been applied it creates a thin film layer on the skin which grabs the hairs. It is suitable for all skin types and doesn't leave sticky feeling on the skin.

Italwax Oud Warm

Contains Oud tree resin for hair removal of coarse and strong hairs. It has a sensual Arabic aroma.

Italwax Algae Warm Wax

Contains Laminaria extract that is farmed in the sea and contains rear iodine, it makes the wax transparent and soft.
About Lycon
Lycon has been a leading Australian waxing brand for over 30 years with their waxes containing the finest tried and tested ingredients. One of the many benefits is you to don't have to wait for your hair to grow back for weeks as Lycon grips hair as short as 1mm removing it with the root without tugging on the skin. Treatments carried out with Lycon waxes are virtually pain free*.

Virtually pain free* If you choose Lycon for your treatment we can guarantee you your most comfortable waxing experience. It doesn't get any better than this and here is why:
  1. The pre-waxing barrier oil we use prevents the low temperature wax from being in direct contact with the skin.
  2. The natural ingredients used in Lycon waxes, such as pine resin, make it the strongest gripping wax in the world.
  3. Hair as short as 1mm can be removed. Lycon wax grips hair right at the root and the hair and root is removed without tugging on the skin.

Why choose Lycon

  1. 50% Reduction in sensation, which makes treatments pleasant and comfortable
  2. It is the strongest wax on the market
  3. It removes hair as short as 1mm on the sensitive areas such as face, underarms, bikini and 2mm on larger parts such as chest, back, legs and arms
  4. Hairs are always removed with roots
  5. 100% hygienic

Mama Waxing (Treat Yourself!)

We are highly trained in intimate waxing and this is ideal for mothers to be. Luxwax recommends Lycon waxing as part of the preparation for giving birth. Lycon waxes are gentle enough on the skin to prepare the most sensitive areas for birth. We allow extra time for expectant mothers to make your treatments as comfortable as possible.
Lycon Waxes

Lycon So Yummy Cholocate Hot Wax

A chocolate treat without the calories! With Iron Oxide and Micro Mica, for extra gentle waxing and no skin drag. Perfect for sensitive skin and areas. Gentle but strong, leaves clean, hair free skin.

Lycotech Cocunut Hot Wax

A high tech, smooth, creamy and extra gentle white wax. Containts coconut oil and Lycons latest and unique Titanium Dioxide technology and Micro Mica. Flexible, strong and gentle.

Lycon warm Wax

Lycon warm wax removes hairs as short as 2mm.

So Berry

Delicious strawberry scent and spectacular, removes hair quickly and gently, with no skin drag.

Active Gold

Glows like gold and removes hair effectively, gently and quickly. Contains soothing benefits of chamomile and its effective every time. Luxwax also offers corrective solutions for home use in between salon treatments, such as sugar scrubs, ingrown hair solutions, antibump foaming gels and lotions.


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